Life at a Muay Thai Camp

The majority of the Muay Thai camps in Thailand can be found in the more deprived rural areas of the country. This is because those areas have been the most fertile recruiting grounds for camp owners to attract new talent to their camps. This has to do with the social economical situations in those areas. Because most boys are brought to the camps by their parents in the hope that the boy can help in providing a better future for the family, it is common for a camp owner to take in the boy and offer him training, food and shelter in return of a percentage of his future price money. A typical rural camp, according to depends on its size, which trains from 4 to 20 Muay Thai students (in Thai: Nak Muay Thai). The number of trainers depends on the number of students. In smaller camps, the owner is most of the time also the trainer and his wife is the medic and the cook. Large camps most of the time employ former fighters to help with training the students.


What are The Different Styles of MMA Gear

MMA or mixed martial arts requires a lot of MMA gear like MMA rash guards, MMA shin guard, MMA head gear and so on, each serving a definite function and purpose. This type of fighting is popularly known as cage fighting, of mma fighting. This full contact combat sport allows grappling as well as striking both while on the ground and while standing. Over the years this hybrid art has gained exposure and popularity. Previously the game was more dangerous as there were minimal rules but later on many additional rules has been adopted to increase the safety of the combatants and to make it a mainstream sport. MMA gear like MMA rash guards, MMA shin guard and MMA head gear are produced to increase the safety of the competitors or those who are serious about mixed martial arts. The MMA protective gear protects particularly vulnerable parts of the body, like the head and knees.

MMA rash guards are specially engineered and designed for the MMA fighters. MMA rash guards often have compression fit for better stamina, support muscles and encourage proper blood circulation. MMA rash guards fit the body like a second skin so that skin is protected during rolling or grappling. They also help to regulate body temperature by absorbing sweat and dispersing it quickly in the air due to wicking effect. MMA rash guards come in various colors like black and red that makes them attractive.

mixed_martial_arts_imageAnother MMA gear which is very important is the MMA shin guards. The MMA shin guards are extremely lightweight and constructed in a manner so as not to hamper the mobility of the MMA practitioner. The MMA shin guards are padded and so provide ultimate protection. They are designed in such a manner that they can absorb even the most powerful kicks. MMA shin guards are very scientifically developed for moisture management. The MMA shin guards must fit well so that they stay in place while grappling or rolling. To wear the MMA shin guards you just have to slip it on your leg and the elastic material secures it to its place. This is why you do not have to re-adjust them during the sport.

MMA Fitness & Training

mma_e_st-pierre_b1_576The 3 Phase Systematic Workout for Premier Health and Fitness in just 90 Days! A systematic workout built on the revolutionary ESP-XC Platform that is proven to provide you with the results that you deserve.

The Endurance Phase of the ESP-XC workout is where you build your base. The purpose of this phase is to increase stability throughout your trunk, increase muscular endurance and improve neuromuscular efficiency of the core muscles. In order to progress properly to the strength and power phases, you need to prepare your neuro-muscular system for the intense training to come. If your endurance capabilities are not enhanced, it will affect the level of strength and power achieved. The endurance phase is set up to do every exercise for time (1-2 minutes). Think about it. How many programs out there do this for their resistance training? None, last I checked.

Strength Phase

During the Strength Phase of this systematic workout, we are focusing on increasing overall strength throughout the body. Especially, enhancing the body’s ability to stabilize the pelvis and spine under heavier lifting loads, through a greater range of motion. This phase also taxes the ATP(Adenosine Triphosphate) and CP(Creatine Phosphate) and glycolytic systems to induce cellular changes consistent with increased muscle size (hypertrophy). By using the concept of time under tension, we focus on tempo while lifting in order to increase proper muscle recruitment and technique, while decreasing risk of injury. Tempo refers to taking 3 seconds to lower the weight, 2 seconds holding at the midpoint and a 1-2 second lift. If you can keep that tempo with proper form, your strength will go through the roof (again, who lifts like this? Very few). Lifting extremely heavy only increases compensation patterns and injury.